Drexecon data loggers monitor temperature fluctuations during storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables, and ensure temperatures are accurately recorded throughout the supply chain.

Why use data logger for fresh produce?

Documenting temperature for fruits and vegetables during storage and transportation is critical to the quality of produce.

Ensure produce quality

Fruits and vegetables quality are highly sensitive to temperature variations when transported in long distances. Documenting temperatures ensure product quality.

Eliminate food waste

Using data logger will help ensure that perishable products arrive at its destination in perfect condition, therefore, eliminating waste in food supply chain.

Avoid financial risk

Failure to record temperature during shipping could result to rejection and payment cancellation by the customer if items arrive at unacceptable condition. Using data logger will help protect you from customer claims.

Customer satisfaction

Delivering products in good condition along with documented data will ultimately satisfy customer and improve customer-supplier business relationships.

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